Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

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Densityg/cm3ASTM C97 /C97.M-09Result
Water Absorption%ASTM C97 /C97.M-09<0.05
Mohs hardnessEN 101-1991 5-7
Flexural Strength (dry)MpaASTM C170/C170M-0940-60
Compressive Strength (dry)MpaASTM CBB0/CBB0M-09200-280
Chemical resistanceASTM C650-04 Not Affected
Freeze Thaw Cycle (10 times)ASTM C1026-87 Not Affected
Irradiation Internal exposure
External exposure
GB 6566-2001 l/RA 0.022
l/Y • 0.044

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